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  David Caswell ARCM   

classical guitar on the isle of wight   


It has been a pleasure over the years to provide music for many functions, weddings, parties and corporate events. Having some live guitar music can bring a sense of occasion to an event; it can be used to welcome people to the venue, as a solo spot during the service or function, and afterwards to celebrate the event, giving guests a chance to enjoy the music in a relaxed setting.

The repertoire often chosen is light classical, popular and Latin American music and is tailored to be in keeping with the mood of the event. It can be gentle background music, a solo presentation, or more lively, as required.

Quality amplification can be provided, and is nearly always required to give the guitar a greater presence. 

I'm happy to consider playing at events either here on the Island, or on the mainland. If you would like to discuss this then please be in touch.

For enquiries please telephone: 01983 740947

David Caswell-classical guitar-music for weddings
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